Promoting and facilitating positive relationships

Gad’s prime focus is on promoting and facilitating positive relationships - relationships with oneself, one’s family and within one’s business and beyond.

Gad brings with him a wealth of knowledge, both academic and experiential, in dealing with relationships – traversing the rocky roads of conflict as well as maximising the synergy of constructive unions, ultimately supporting the flourishing of individuals and groups.

Gad focuses on three main areas:


A careful strategy to negotiate the emotions in professional, as well as familial, dynamics is crucial to any attempt to ensure harmonious professional and personal relationships.

Conflict Coaching and Management

Resolving conflict through a strategised mediation allows parties to develop unique approaches to confront issues without causing conflict.

Executive (Life Purpose) Coaching

Gad thrives on working with professionals who seem capable of solving life’s most complex problems, but are stumped by those that are the most fundamental.


Gad has had over 15 years of experience working with the community in multi-faceted roles. He is a qualified psychotherapist as well as an ordained Rabbi, both of which have afforded him numerous opportunities to manage volatile, tense and fragile situations and people.

Gad’s philosophical and theological training have allowed him to develop a unique perspective on life, and he brings these ideas into his coaching and mediation.

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