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Nothing just happens…

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Our emotional world mirrors the physical universe in that there is always something that preceded it.

Not since creation has there been an event in history that cannot be explained in context, even if the characters involved at the time are oblivious to those causes. These causes are seldom singular, but rather span a whole series of interconnected issues, themes and personalities.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor may have been the final catalyst to bring the USA into the war, but it alone didn’t do it; the tension between Japan and the USA had been festering for years. The surprise decisions of Brexit and election of Trump can be explained only when seen in the context. The rhetoric of Farrage and Trump resonated with the multitudes who, for decades, had felt disregarded.

A two dimensional vision of human interaction confounds us because people’s behaviour seems inexplicable. A woman in a good marriage suddenly leaves her husband. A successful man unexpectedly loses his job. Model children become estranged from their families.

Nothing occurs in a vacuum; look at the context.

Context is a cipher for human relationships.

This fundamental principle is crucial in all interpersonal relationships. When you hears  about the strange behavior of others; think  of the context. When you witness misbehavior, appreciate the context. Even when we, ourselves, react unexpectedly consider your own context.

Understanding context is the key to appreciating people and empathizing with their behavior.

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