Gad Krebs

Gad is a first and foremost a communicator, someone who knows how to listen and to speak.

Gad’s comprehensive and diverse set of skills, acquired through a combination of education and professional experience, have afforded him the unique ability to engage and inspire a wide range of individuals and audiences.

Serving as an ordained Rabbi for over a decade has allowed Gad the invaluable opportunity to hone his mediating and therapeutic skills. He regularly counsels people struggling with addictions, suffering tragic loss and suicide attempt, with a resolve to support them in lifting themselves out of the ashes.

Conflict resolution and mediation play key roles in Gad’s work. He has counselled literally hundreds of individuals in crisis, couples in marital strife, and families and social groups in meltdown. He is widely regarded as having developed empathic strategies for finding common ground to facilitate consensus building and conflict resolution.

As an educator, Gad believes that there are no sacred cows; everything must be open to scrutiny and he deliberately seeks to challenge his audiences’ assumptions and beliefs, thereby creating fertile ground for change. Gad offers regular interactive and engaging seminars to both the sceptical and the curious.

South African-born, Australian naturalised and educated, Gad has degrees in Commerce and Psychotherapy, and functions as an accredited mediator, specialising in family and work-place mediation.

As well as his skills in counselling, mediation and therapy, Gad has over 15 years of presentation expertise. With his background in psychological development based on a religious platform, Gad is able to present discussions on a range of topics and issues. His strength in this area has made him a popular and in-demand presenter for a number of organisations and institutions, dealing with issues such as business and medical ethics, diversity and stereotypes, and Communication101.

Gad is highly regarded as a dynamic and challenging presenter whose material has been well researched and prepared. He has a unique talent for presenting complex philosophical principles as well as modern psychological approaches in a simple and easily understandable manner.

Gad has a passion for delivering lectures and seminars, and is particularly adept at articulating ideas and concepts. He thrives on developing ethical frameworks to find one’s passion and purpose. Drawing on his multi-faceted background, Gad seeks to understand the specific needs of his clients, and to facilitate the individual’s self-discovery and development.

As an ordained Rabbi, Gad has extensive experience in finding and developing communal leadership and generational change, as well as encouraging leadership development.